Sarah Oh (오하늘) is a Korean-American artist and animator currently studying design and motion illustration at ArtCenter College of Design!
She often explores and combines all kinds of mediums—ranging from papercraft to rendering in Maya—to create new ways to communicate her surreal and whimsical ideas. She also has a strong fascination for miniature yellow dogs and plastic figurines!
When she's not creating, you can find her playing pokemon go around the city or eating a tub of ice cream as a celebration for kickboxing.
find my motion design work →
  • Giant Robot, Post It Show 15, Dec 2019
  • LoopdeLoop Indie Animation Festival, Feb 2020
  • Gallery Nucleus, Power in Numbers 5, Feb 2020
  • Williamson Gallery, Summer 2019, Spring 2020
  • 1111 Gallery, Fall 2018 - Spring 2020
  • ArtCenter Provost’s List, Fall 2018 - Spring 2020