Project where I took a childhood book of mine and recycled it into an experimental and playful sketchbook.

children's sketchbook

stuck at home zine

14 page zine made during quarantine, showcasing a few sketches, lockdown thoughts, journalistic notes, and a lot of beanie bear babies.

mutants zine

20 page zine revolving around the sad stories of three different mutants and the reality of their peculiar lives. 

(featured are only a select number of pages from the zine)

encyclopedia of spirits zine

24 page encyclopedia-themed zine of the different spirits that influence our daily lives.

(featured are only a select number of pages from the zine) 

great danes

Series of Great Danes interacting and posing in a small hardcover accordion book.


Hardcover flag book addressing the issue of mental illnesses affecting friendships and relationships with those close to you. 


"I feel like my friends are being put through this hell I'm feeling, serving myself."

                                -Hippo Campus's "Bambi"  

cat cuddles

Small hardcover accordion book depicting a sequence of two cats playing around. Illustrated in acrylic. 

materials process book

24 paged zine summarizing and documenting the different experiments/explorations/

assignments I've done in my materials class, as well as what tools I had learned.


term 3 review book

Tabloid sized book I made, sampling a few of my pieces, for scholarship consideration during my third term at ArtCenter

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